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After the bleeding of 'Z', the steel soldiers come. From your traditional version, your preferred techniques and gameplay, which has a century of twenty-century, vivid 3D scenes and an art engine that entertain your life. Meet the new generation of robots, with a style and resistance resistance. Z: Steel Soldiers - You Never Have It! "

When you manage your steel military soldiers, you increase the size of the field, as you carry straight for some high-quality equipment in the war. When this firefight is over, you can start building your forces. Well you'll dig better now!

Each theater of the fighters interferes with the non-linear plot, which shows more turns and turns than the curler converter, it is not war every day, and it is not a regular soldier. They are terrible soldiers who have to drink rocket fuel and only choose to fight with the dough ice. You have not got any way before the robot crashes

30 different, 6 distinctive stirred stages spread throughout the world.
Air floors and WW2 are full-fledged motors by sea-equipments, perfectly modern-modern jet fighters.
The most desirable 3D graphics filled with scalable aspects such as reflection and particle systems offering intense and pleasant scenes.
Real-time environment forces, every neighbor and world forces affect the environment, and the atmosphere of smoke also breaks because the helicopter grows up.
With special capabilities with special robots.
Revolutionary fast-paced resource-style gameplay; The maximum number of posts you can build, the useful source 'flag' and the faster and extra you can build; to leave you out of the real goal - the most out of war !
Our most advanced AI yet, they will not stop anything to avoid the universe of their band's zd and space range
Z Steel Soldier © 2014 Bumperpour Brothers, All Rights Reserved. Z Steel Soldier © 2001 Bumperp Brothers, All Rights Reserved. The title of Baptism Brothers and the logo is a trademark of Bittum Brothers, which is now owned by Michael J. Montgomery.

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                                          UNDERCOVER(operation )

                         undercover featuring stunning next generation graphics experience
                        the cinematic intensity of modern. amazing special effects'including
                        realistic depth of field' rim-lighting character self-shadowing' texture
                        streaming as well as physics-enabled effects enlists you into the most
                        photo-realistic gaming experience ever. combine the life like graphics
                        and the realistic battle chatter with the award-wining sound design and
                        get ready to face battle as you have never before.

                     minimum system requirements.
                  processor ; pentium 31.0ghz
                  directx 9.0'512mb free hard drive . space 900 mb.

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